Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ensure: Heart-friendly Adult Nutritional Supplement Drink

I had often been complaining about the things that goes with age. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that I am aging gracefully. However, at my age, (sorry, I don’t want to divulge my age here. But I am in my mid-50’s) I had to admit—there are a lot of things I can no longer do, stuff I used to enjoy when I was younger.

 I had been watching my food intake as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly. I know my metabolism isn’t as fast anymore, so as much as possible, I stay away from red meats and eat more vegetables and fruits instead. I had recently got into running marathons. How I wished I had discovered it before since no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t run as fast as the youngsters were.
According to my physician, my digestive system wasn’t as efficient as it was when I was younger. As we grow older, our bodily function gets affected along with nutrient absorption, ingestion, metabolism and elimination. That’s why we need all sorts of food and nutritional supplements.
It was a good thing he introduced me to Ensure made by Abbott Nutrition. It is a nutritional supplement recommended by most doctors. It helps enhance nutrient absorption and supports healthy digestive system. It also provides a complete and balanced nutrition for healthy-aging adults who want to stay healthy and live fully. What’s more, it is an excellent source of 28 vitamins and antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, selenium and beat-carotene to strengthen immune system.
Ensure Ambassador and official endorser veteran actor Christopher De Leon.

Ensure also helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease because it is low in sodium and cholesterol. With all these benefits, I couldn’t even ask for anything anymore.
With the numerous unhealthy “instant” and “processed” foods we have nowadays, I’d just grab my Ensure and gulp on it, knowing fully well that I’ve well taken care of my health the proper way.

To learn more about Ensure and to avail of free nutrition counseling, call Abbott Nutrition Solutions at 995-1555 or the toll free number 1-800-10-995-1555.