Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My experience as a Bayang Matuwid Volunteer (for Mar Roxas' presidential candidacy)

In life, we lose some, we win some. We can’t all be winners. One must fall, cry and suffer, be a little wounded, in order to rise. If you ask me, it was such a wonderful journey. I had a lot of fun working with everyone as a volunteer for Bayang Matuwid. Campaigning for Mar Roxas was such a fruitful experience. I got the chance to meet new friends and interact with people from all walks of life sharing one goal. It was a good campaign. I still believe, we fought a good fight. Whoever wins this election, we can only hope and pray that we will be in good hands. It was such a pleasure working with all these great people. 

We’ve had our share of sleepless nights, I’ve even had my right eye bled again right (I have diabetic retinopathy which might require me to undergo laser treatment for what seemed like the nth time.) after the stressful final presidential debate as we fought hard trying to correct and cascade all the correct information to prove that the memes seen everywhere on social media weren’t exactly accurate in the first place. People were simply too gullible. At first, I couldn’t believe it. But later on, I finally get it. Perhaps, Filipinos really want a HUGE change in their way of living and in the Philippine government system as well.

The thing is, we have to accept our fate. Perhaps the presidency isn't really something for Roxas. Or maybe this isn't his time. I don't know. But I still believe in the guy's capabilities and abilities. If it's love we're talking about, it's similar to "the one that got away" kind of guy. He would've been the 'perfect' guy, but then, like they said, some things aren't meant to be. We need to accept the fact that some things are far beyond our control. 

We move ahead...reconcile, but the practice to teach our children to emulate what is RIGHT will continue. The only consolation for Bayang Matuwid and other RoRo (Roxas-Robredo) supporters was Leni Robredo who might just win as our Vice President (as of this time). She is seeding that hope, a true leader from Bicol, who I am sure will uphold rule of law, human rights with pure respect to humanity's progress. 

One Facebook account says that this is a battle of a human rights lawyer versus the unapologetic remorseless son of an ousted dictator. This is our battle. God save the Philippines.I chose a decent candidate with integrity. Sadly the majority would want to have something new to happen.....risky endeavor! I do pray and hope that the Filipino people will not regret their votes. I will respect and support the next Philippine president. 

Thank you for the memories, Bayang Matuwid. Thank you, Mar Roxas! Good luck Leni Robredo!