Thursday, August 22, 2013

Contractubex Success Stories: The Move On Club

I’ve recently met other women who have tried using Contractubex and I was inspired by their triumphs over scars. I myself had a personal experience using Contractubex gel.

 A scar is the final stage of the healing process following any trauma to the dermis. Unfortunately, scars have a habit of continuing to grow after they have done their job of binding the edges of the wound together. The scar can be raised (keloid) or depressed depending on the cause of the injury, i.e. cuts tend to have raised scars, whereas acne produces depressed scars.

TV personality/actress Maricar Reyes, entrepreneur Belle Gascon and Taekwondo National athlete Janice Lagman shared their own experiences in using Contractubex during a recent event held at the Posh Nails Makati. Bloggers and other ladies who had tried using Contractubex, known as The Move On Club members were treated to a luxurious foot and hand pampering treatment. 

Contractubex is a revolutionary product that can penetrate the scar during the re-modelling stage of healing. It has Allantoin known for its keratolytic effect—softening the skin and is a rapid cell regenerator. This substance has been proven to break the skin keratin protein. Contractubex also has Heparin, which softens the tissue structure, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it also includes Cepae Extract—a special onion extract, another anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties and prevents formation of excessive scar tissue. 

Use Contractubex, and you’ll soon be surprised with the results. Move on, for nobody had to be scarred for life. 

Meet the ladies who have moved on: 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Contractubex Healed My Battle Scars

My tummy after my second operation

Growing up, I had been conscious of my skin. Our skin is our biggest organ and I believe we had to take good care of it. When it’s beautiful, it stands out. I remember how I keep thanking God for being blessed with good genes, as I didn’t had to worry about acne during my adolescent stage.  When I had my first daughter, I could vividly recall how I would generously slather cocoa butter on my tummy for fear that it might cause some scar or kamot (scratches).

I had also fervently prayed for a normal delivery so that I wouldn’t have to go through painful caesarian stitches. My second daughter came and just as I had my first baby, I had breezed throughout my pregnancy. But little did I know I’d have to experience having a scar later on in life. 

When I learned about the chocolate cyst and myoma on my right ovary, I was not only scared with the thought that I’d be opened up, I was also hesitant to undergo an operation thinking it would surely leave a scar on my tummy. For months, I’ve tried using medicines in the hope that an operation may no longer be necessary. However, my doctor said it wasn’t working. So after much prodding, I heeded the advice of my doctor to go under the knife. It had taken quite sometime before wounds are healed. It may look as if everything’s totally healed from the outside (skin covering), but deep inside, I felt as if the wounds on my tummy would open up. It had left a deep scar on my tummy. And since then, I wouldn’t want to wear anything that will expose my scar—that meant, goodbye to bikini and mid-rib tops I used to love during my youth. I had to stash them away at the bottom of my drawer because I knew I had no right to wear them anymore. When we’d go to the beach, I couldn’t help but envied other women who could wear them. I silently wished I didn’t have to go through that operation. 

For years, I’ve tried and tested products that will somehow help to lighten my scar. There were some that made it worse, some I’ve been allergic to, some were itchy, some made it even darker. I’ve tried everything there is from traditional herbal medicines to homemade skin treatments—I’ve been subjected to allergic contact dermatitis because of hypersensitivity, skin irritation, redness, itchiness and rashes so I would discontinue use. Honestly, I was beginning to lose hope. I couldn’t afford to have painless laser scar treatment. Alas, as I was searching for the right product to use, there comes yet another hurdle. A few years after I had my cyst removed, I was once again scheduled for another operation: this time, for total hysterectomy and appendectomy due to pre-cancerous ovary. I was told that I had no other choice but to have them removed unless I wanted to die early. Of course, being told such painful truth, I had to stop being vain and all. After mustering all the courage I have—I went under the knife the second time around. The least I could do is to ask my doctor to open me up on the exact place where my first scar had been. Doing so would save me from having to mend more scars.  When my wounds have completely healed, it could be a coincidence but that was the time I saw Maricar Reyes on a TV ad where she talked about a certain ointment called Contractubex, this cream’s meant to lighten scars.  After having used a couple of other skin lightening products meant to conceal my scar, I couldn’t help but be skeptical at first. So it had actually taken quite sometime before I decided to use Contractubex on my tummy’s scar. I figured there’s no harm in trying the product.
 I’ve religiously applied a small amount directly unto affected area twice a day. And true enough, it has helped manage my scar and soon the scar on my tummy looked less unsightly. It is no longer as noticeable as it used to be. My scar has somehow faded and one could visibly see the scar reduction.  I may be past my youth, but who says I can no longer look my best? And for me, looking my best means having healthy, supple and smooth skin sans any conspicuous scar.

Since then, I would recommend using Contractubex to my family and friends knowing fully well how effective it is based on my own experience. I am after all a living testimony that scars from the past do heal. Pain and scars are part of playing in this game called life—one must fall, cry and suffer a little in order to rise. I fought my first stage of cancer and survived. Thank God, for giving me a second lease on life. I am still alive despite my battle scar from pre-cancerous condition and thank God for Contractubex for making my skin scar less visible.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.