Thursday, December 22, 2011

Caritas Manila's "Merry Christmas 'Nay"-A Timely Advocacy Film for Everyone

The Advocacy film: Merry Christmas 'Nay will make you shed tears this Christmas.

Caritas Manila, under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila presented their first ever film and Internet advocacy entitled “Merry Christmas ‘Nay” which we were able to watch. The launch was held recently at the San Carlos Seminary Auditorium in Guadalupe, Makati.
The 32-minute film stars Ms. Precious Lara Quigaman, Tommy Abuel and newbie Jason Ariel.  Written, directed and executive-produced by Ms. Kaye Jimenez for the benefit of Caritas Manila’s Youth Servant Leadership Education Program or YSLEP, the film conveys the message that education is very important and it also says that we should all learn to surrender forces greater than ourselves in order to triumph over any heartbreak and tragedy. This is very timely with the recent devastating natural catastrophe over Cagayan de Oro. Our unfortunate brothers and sisters affected by typhoon Sendong will surely find inspiration in this film.

Caritas Manila's program for out-of-school-youth: YSLEP

Precious Lara Quigaman stars as Miriam who adopted an abandoned newborn baby.

Precious Lara Quigaman in a scene from the film.

The traditional nativity scene or belen.

A heartwarming scene from the film.

I highly recommend the film for all ages and please encourage all Catholics to see this advocacy film. It is very timely and heartwarming. Please log on to and watch the said film online this Christmas. Caritas Manila also accepts donations through their website. Email them at or call them at (+632) 5639298. 

Fr. Benny Tuazon was one of the scholars of Caritas Manila. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diana Stalder Lucena's 1st Anniversary and Skin Dance Contest

We were invited to attend the Diana Stadler event in SM Lucena.  We were about 7 bloggers who were invited.  Although a service van was provided, it took us 4 hours travelling to Lucena City.  Upon our arrival there, we ate our lunch and had an hour to rest because the show is at 4PM. In line with the celebration of Diana Stalder by Dermaline's SM Lucena branch's first anniversary, they organized a dance group contest dubbed as Skin Dance where contestants will win amazing prizes. They had also launched their newest set of endorsers during the Diana Stalder Lucena event. 

Beauty Loots and skin treatments were given and sold in affordable prices as a way to thank Diana Stalder's loyal clients. Mall-goers and regular Diana Stalder customers lined up to buy their favorite products at lower prices. A huge crowd also gathered at the events center for the ultimate dance showdown.

Three bloggers also acted as judges for the day: Rain De Ocampo of Raincheck, Daryll Dial-Villena of Foodamn and Vance of Purple Plum Fairy. Even if I had not been one of the judges, I knew it was difficult to choose which ones would be the winner because I'd say the participants were all good. Even the crowd had their own favorites.
The author with my grandson at the Lucena Bingo, just across the Diana Stalder shop.

Events host were Diana Stalder's latest endorsers Lucena DJs from Love Radio-Lucena. 

The stage was on fire with acrobatic moves from the participants. 

Screams of support can be heard as dancers are on stage.
Php10,000 went to the Grand prize winner of the Skin Dance contest along with Diana Stalder products while second prize went home with Php8,000 and Php6,000 for the third prize.
First prize winners smile as they accept their prizes. 
There were also a few fashion show where young talented beauties had their turns to ramp on stage in Diana Stalder's colors: refreshing green and white. Gracing the said show was Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo who rendered and belted out two songs.
Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo rendered a song.

While we were there, we also had Lucena's famous Pancit Habhab.
We didn't want to go home without grabbing a bite of Lucena, Quezon's Pancit Habhab and getting pasalubongs before we head back to Manila.
Who could have missed this signage at Lucena?

Like Diana Stalder on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Log on to their website call their hotline: 631-4941 or 638-8487.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ascof's Natural Moms Lagundi Farm Tour

I had never been into a farm. And I practically had no idea of its lovely bucolic setting. Having lived in the city since birth, I said I would never trade living in the city for such provincial life. However, there’s that desire in me to see arresting and interesting places in the rural areas. But as much as I wanted to travel in nearby provinces in order to experience that, I couldn’t because of either financial constraints or lack of time. So you could just imagine the thrill I had when I was told about the trip to Ascof’s Lagundi farm in Nueva Ecija.
My daughter who’s also a freelance writer/online blogger would’ve wanted to go to this farm tour, but she had prior commitments and she couldn’t make it. So she had asked the organizers if I could come on her behalf.  Since I am also quite a blogger myself (it is my daughter who encouraged me to do so)—I couldn’t say no to the invite. Even my grandson Kyle assured me it’d be fun to visit and take a tour of the lagundi farm. 

The all-natural lagundi shrubs.
Relaxing nature at the farm.

Culinary Herbs and medicinal plants abound. 
 The trip wasn’t an easy one. It was quite long with several mommy bloggers sleeping throughout the duration of the trip. I had no idea how long we were on the road, but I knew it was a long ride. But upon getting there, I knew right away that the said trip was worth my time.
The Leonie Agri Corporation Farm in Nueva Ecija is a place of miracles, so they say. It used to be a barren piece of land that was even considered cursed by the locals. But now, it produces the primary ingredient of the leading cough remedy brand Ascof Lagundi syrup and tablets. At LAC, the farming process uses an organic cycle that makes use only of natural process, without artificial pesticides or fertilizers or other chemicals used. They even recycle the lagundi plant itself as compost to nourish new crops.

More plants and fruit bearing trees.

 Mommy bloggers enjoyed the relaxing view of the farm, with some animals like six huge potbelly pigs and birds living within the vicinity. The difference is that, unlike in usual farm setting, the pigs don’t smell bad. If you ask me, the entire farm actually smells like lagundi.
My family and I are really into herbal medicines—we believe more in what’s alternative or natural rather than what’s made by man through science. And yes, we use Ascof Lagundi because it’s always best to be safe than sorry. We did try a couple of chemical based medicines but were not happy with the results—my grandson in particular had suffered from nausea and drowsiness. Since then, we did not bother to try anything else anymore; we had fully trusted our family in using Pascual Laboratories’ Ascof Lagundi Syrup.

Peaceful ambiance in the midst of nature.

I am pleased I have joined this farm trip. I was able to learn more about medicinal herbal plants as well as Ascof Lagundi and how it’s been processed and made before making it available in the market. I realized that my family and I made the right choice—now I am proud to say I’m an Ascof Natural Mom!

Special thanks to Mr. Vincent Lantin for the invites. 

Like Ascof Lagundi on Facebook:
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Visit their website at

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Genuine Thermos and Rustan's: Celebrates Health

Genuine Thermos brand in partnership with Rustan's invited guests from their Facebook fan page, media bloggers and other guests to an event called "Celebrating Health last July 30-31, 2011.  It was a two day affair which both tackled issues related to food cooking and keeping. genuine Thermos brand had been showcased on both  event dates. There was a cooking presentation on the first day with young chef Ninyo Laus where he dished out amazing recipes with Asian infusion. Check this out.

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thermos brand had also emphasized the importance of choosing the right cookware regarding health benefits. I have learned that it is not safe to use aluminum casseroles because they are harmful to one's health. But with Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware, that issue had been properly addressed. Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware's made of five layers with high quality stainless steel on top and on the insides and heat conducting aluminum alloy at the bottom.

The doctor discussed how to keep your foods fresh in safe containers.

The second day had a seminar on proper food handling for kids. Food storage, the issue on BPA and other pertinent information regarding food had been openly discussed in a non-formal discussion with a guest speaker, Dr. Corazon Carly-Santiago of Jose Fabella Memorial Medical Center in Manila. There were a few games and prizes for the audience. 

Genuine Thermos brand carries not only food and beverage containers, they also have a wide variety of Thermos Premium stainless cookwares like casseroles, wok, frying pans,sauce pans and shuttle chefs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ensure: Heart-friendly Adult Nutritional Supplement Drink

I had often been complaining about the things that goes with age. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that I am aging gracefully. However, at my age, (sorry, I don’t want to divulge my age here. But I am in my mid-50’s) I had to admit—there are a lot of things I can no longer do, stuff I used to enjoy when I was younger.

 I had been watching my food intake as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly. I know my metabolism isn’t as fast anymore, so as much as possible, I stay away from red meats and eat more vegetables and fruits instead. I had recently got into running marathons. How I wished I had discovered it before since no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t run as fast as the youngsters were.
According to my physician, my digestive system wasn’t as efficient as it was when I was younger. As we grow older, our bodily function gets affected along with nutrient absorption, ingestion, metabolism and elimination. That’s why we need all sorts of food and nutritional supplements.
It was a good thing he introduced me to Ensure made by Abbott Nutrition. It is a nutritional supplement recommended by most doctors. It helps enhance nutrient absorption and supports healthy digestive system. It also provides a complete and balanced nutrition for healthy-aging adults who want to stay healthy and live fully. What’s more, it is an excellent source of 28 vitamins and antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, selenium and beat-carotene to strengthen immune system.
Ensure Ambassador and official endorser veteran actor Christopher De Leon.

Ensure also helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease because it is low in sodium and cholesterol. With all these benefits, I couldn’t even ask for anything anymore.
With the numerous unhealthy “instant” and “processed” foods we have nowadays, I’d just grab my Ensure and gulp on it, knowing fully well that I’ve well taken care of my health the proper way.

To learn more about Ensure and to avail of free nutrition counseling, call Abbott Nutrition Solutions at 995-1555 or the toll free number 1-800-10-995-1555.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ehersisyong Pangkalusugan Para sa Lahat Event

My sister Cecille, Ronnie Ricketts, the author and grandson Kyle.

Fun run! As the word itself best implies, it's really fun and enjoyable.  last Sunday, May 15, I joined a Walk for a Cause entitled Ehersisyong Pangkalusugan para sa Lahat which was sponsored by Department of Health (DOH). I went with my sister, daughter and grandson. We walked from Trinoma Mall parking lot towards the Quezon Memorial Circle where a culminating activity awaits. 

It's really fun and we were accompanied by the Metro Manila Development Authority band and a lot of government employees from different sectors. What's funny is their department names which are illnesses like diabetics club, cancer society of the Philippines, stroke/hypertension groups and a lot more. 

All participants wore yellow shirts. In coincidence with this walk for a cause, they also have biking activities going from Batasan to QC Circle where even the President participated. 

So why not try joining fun runs...Experience the same high feeling one gets from running/brisk walking, it's good for our health and good for the heart.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The author with her grandson Kyle after hurdling the 3K run.
I never tried joining in a Fun Run. It’s actually quite surprising that fun runs had become quite the trend nowadays. I’ve always thought fun runs were only for sports enthusiasts until that day my daughter asked me if I’d like to join Alaska Family Fun Run along with my grandson Kyle.
I remember being really excited for the said fun run because it’s going to be our first time to join such. As early as five in the morning, we were prepared and on our way to the event. I realized I couldn’t keep up with my grandson’s pace no matter what I do, probably because I’m not so young anymore. I had to ask Kyle to wait for me on each laps we had to take. And I was so happy being able to reached the finish line ahead of the others! True, we had not won any award or medal during that race, but finishing that race was enough of an achievement for me.

The event's poster says it all.

The grandma and grandson tandem standing in front of Alaska booth.

The author and her grandson Kyle at the Finish line wearing finishers shirts.
We both received finisher’s shirt each and loot bags from Alaska family.  After the race, we checked out on some booths where you can play games and win prizes too. There were also photo booths around the area as well as free food sampling of different products.
You’ll know you’re instantly hooked into running if  the mere mention of 3K, 16K, 21K and 42K no longer meant the gold karats of a jewelry, but the kilometers you had to go through in order to finish a run .
The rest they say is history. After running 3K for the Alaska Family Run which was held at the SM Mall of Asia, I had been into running. It feels good each time I run. I’m looking forward to running more in the future. And who knows? I might complete an actual 42K marathon in the future.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Had a blast @ Teleserv's Fast Five Movie Screening!

You want to have a copy of your birth certificate? Well, forget all your worries because Teleserv is here to help. All you have to do is dial 737-1111 and in just 2-3 working days, your birth certificate will be delivered right in your doorstep. You could also ask for CENOMAR, Marriage certificate, Death certificate, OCW and passport appointment as well. Yes, you read that right. No need to fall in line, no more wasted time and energy. Processing documents had become a breeze. Teleserv also has a friendly customer care officer to assist you 24/7 ready to answer to all your NSO concerns through the website, and settle your payment online all with just one click.

Yours truly with Purple Plum Fairy and fellow blogger Ian Christopher Buena

The author by the huge poster of the film.

Personalized lanyard ID for bloggers.

Teleserv had sponsored the movie Fast and Furious 5 and held a screening for bloggers last May 4, 2011 at the Gateway Cineplex in Cubao. I truly enjoyed the film although the saying “crime does not pay” did not apply to the film because the criminals were not even punished.
I’d like to thank Teleserv for the invites. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Blog Contest and Banana Butterscotch Experience

The P500-worth gift certificates I  had won.

i know i should have written about this last year after I had won my first blog contest. But i had been busy with the holiday shopping and other chores, then I had totally forgotten about this desire to write about what i had won --which I'd like to consider as my first blogging contest prize. Anyway, I had not been expecting this, but I really decided to blog after I had attended a blogging event of Mr. Jason Biadog, my daughter and I went to that event because our good friend who's a blogger invited us over. 

I realized since I have nothing to lose if i would give blogging a try, so i did with the help of my daughter. And to my delight, my efforts paid off for less than a few months after i started my simple blog, I found myself receiving a P500 worth of gift certificates from Reyes barbecue in Bonifacio Stopover branch. I had actually won in their blogging contest simply by blogging about their food when they had an event. I'd like to thank Ms. Amity Young for inviting us there. 

One thing I had actually enjoyed from Reyes barbecue that I had not written about was my favorite dessert--Banana Butterscotch. During the blogging event, it was unfortunately not available, the very reason why I had not written about it at that time. But I figured this must be the best time to write about it, so that;s exactly what I'm doing now.

Banana Butterscotch may seem like a simple dessert at first because well, it's all banana. But there's a catch, inside was honest-to-goodness banana  within the crispy candy coatings of butterscotch. Totally yummy and not to mention very affordably priced at P30 a pair. The sad part was, it isn't available in all Reyes Barbecue outlets, I think you could only find it in their Bonifacio Stopover branch. So it's either you go there to have a taste of its heavenly goodness or you have to ask someone to bring it home for you. But I am assuring you, it's worth all the trip and effort. For every bite of such Banana butterscotch goodness is like bringing you back to the old days--when you were still young and wild and free. I don't know but eating such makes me reminisce and remind me of my young days eating Banana Cue, only this time, way, way high-end...

My favorite Reyes BBQ dessert--Banana Butterscotch

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tang Pulpy Drink



Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Bang Explosion

The card and game CD that says it all.
The minute it came into my doorstep, I thought there was some mistake. I do not remember ordering something from home TV shopping nor am I expecting a parcel from other country. And there it was, with a caution that says there's a bomb about to blast off. I got both nervous and curious as to what was inside the box.
The box that has a delectable mini cake inside.

Yellowish sweet cake for that fruity-ish flavor.
Voila! It wasn't anything to be afraid of. It was a yellowish cake that tastes fine. It's a marketing strategy of Creative Juices for Big Bang Fireworks. The makers of excellent pyrotechnics in the country. Go check out their Facebook Account for more details.