Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Blog Contest and Banana Butterscotch Experience

The P500-worth gift certificates I  had won.

i know i should have written about this last year after I had won my first blog contest. But i had been busy with the holiday shopping and other chores, then I had totally forgotten about this desire to write about what i had won --which I'd like to consider as my first blogging contest prize. Anyway, I had not been expecting this, but I really decided to blog after I had attended a blogging event of Mr. Jason Biadog, my daughter and I went to that event because our good friend who's a blogger invited us over. 

I realized since I have nothing to lose if i would give blogging a try, so i did with the help of my daughter. And to my delight, my efforts paid off for less than a few months after i started my simple blog, I found myself receiving a P500 worth of gift certificates from Reyes barbecue in Bonifacio Stopover branch. I had actually won in their blogging contest simply by blogging about their food when they had an event. I'd like to thank Ms. Amity Young for inviting us there. 

One thing I had actually enjoyed from Reyes barbecue that I had not written about was my favorite dessert--Banana Butterscotch. During the blogging event, it was unfortunately not available, the very reason why I had not written about it at that time. But I figured this must be the best time to write about it, so that;s exactly what I'm doing now.

Banana Butterscotch may seem like a simple dessert at first because well, it's all banana. But there's a catch, inside was honest-to-goodness banana  within the crispy candy coatings of butterscotch. Totally yummy and not to mention very affordably priced at P30 a pair. The sad part was, it isn't available in all Reyes Barbecue outlets, I think you could only find it in their Bonifacio Stopover branch. So it's either you go there to have a taste of its heavenly goodness or you have to ask someone to bring it home for you. But I am assuring you, it's worth all the trip and effort. For every bite of such Banana butterscotch goodness is like bringing you back to the old days--when you were still young and wild and free. I don't know but eating such makes me reminisce and remind me of my young days eating Banana Cue, only this time, way, way high-end...

My favorite Reyes BBQ dessert--Banana Butterscotch

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