Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, It's Christmas Time Again!

In the Philippines, we have the longest celebration of Christmas. Why? Because when "Ber" month starts it is the beginning of our celebration. You can hear Christmas songs playing, children singing carols, streets have Christmas decorations and the malls have displays of Christmas ornaments.

Time for bonuses, parties, reunions and gift-giving. A lot of people are busy preparing for the season. Decorating their houses and thinking on what meals to prepare for their visitors and guests come Christmas day as well as ideas on what to give for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, it is also the time when we all experience great traffic. Robberies, holdup, pickpockets and looters are rampant at this time because everyone needs the money for the occasion. I suggest you make a list and stick to it so that it will be easier for you to shop, without any hassles. It's best to shop early than at the last minute, for more convenience.

Of all these matters, the true essence of Christmas is love through prayers and acts of kindness and service to less fortunate. Share your blessings.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

PMAP High Flyers Video Making Contest

Recent studies showed that forty percent out of 400,00 students failed on their job interviews. Why? Simply because they lack the necessary skills needed to clinch their desired position. Although these graduates have potentials, they lacked in behavioral and communication skills, technical competencies, and critical thinking.

 To address this alarming problem, the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) launches an advocacy through a school video campaign to give students direction and guidance and to prepare them through the job market. PMAP aims and encourages the youth to hone their full potentials and develop themselves by going beyond the requirement needed for the job.

In 2009, PMAP made a video uploaded on You Tube dubbed “Booksmart is not Enough.” The seven-minute video shows real life situation and presents ways on how to develop initiative and critical thinking, and improve communication skills.  It also showed that youngsters with insufficient knowledge of the different facets of their chosen industry aren’t qualified for the job. They also encourage youngsters to converse in English and confidently express their ideas fluently during job interviews. The said video is being shown to incoming college freshmen in both private and public institutions during orientations through Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA).
PMAP challenges the students to come up with their own short video showcasing the three top qualities needed in order to clinch that lucrative job in prestigious companies: Initiative, Communication Skills and Critical Thinking with their High Flyers Video Making Contest. The PMAP High Flyers campaign video ad featured celebrity actor Mr. Dingdong Dantes. The contests is open to all enrolled students in both public and private school ages 16 to 21 years old and composed of a maximum of five members. There will be top ten finalists. They will have a chance to win a barkada trip for five to Boracay with accommodation, a special foundation Culinary Arts Class from Global City Innovative College, a roundtrip airfare to Singapore and other exciting prizes. The contest is held in cooperation with SEAIR and Global City Innovative College.

For more information on the contest mechanics and other details, and to download the entry form, please check out the PMAP High Flyers on Facebook. Like the page to access it. Contest duration is from November 25, 2010 to February 28, 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Mumps

We all know that mumps is a kind of disease caused by a virus. Called "Beke" in the vernacular, I used to think it's just a simple swollen of the lower portion of the ear. I thought, it was no big deal. When my daughter had it first in the house, I had this impression that she was just making excuses not to do chores in the household because she had this virus. But what a big mistake, I had to become a victim myself just to understand how difficult it was to have it.

Imagine, I'm already in my 50's and eversince I never had this disease. What are the symptoms? Fever at night and a few chills here and there. then, you'll soon notice that the lower part of your ear, almost near your jaw are both swollen (on both sides). And on the 3rd or 5th day, when you look at the mirror to see your reflection, you'll noticed your face may somewhat looked distorted.

The hardest part is not being able to sleep well enough because of back pains and body discomforts. You can't also eat well due to lack of appetite. Sometimes, you'll get dizzy, you may also resort to vomit and you can't do anything else but rest.

You have to take vitamin C three times a day. And according to the physician, it's not advisable to put vinegar and dye on your mumps, contrary to the Filipino old ways of curing mumps. All you need to do is to drink lots of water and Vitamin C.

You also have to "temporarily isolate" your utensils so as not to transfer the virus t another one. Mumps virus can be transfered through saliva alone. The physician also emphasized that mumps may be even harder for men because it may affect his reproductive system in really extreme cases, so we should all be cautious.

Mumps lasts for about 3 weeks, so be careful on what you eat. Load up on fruits and avoid common "sawsawan" with other people whom you do not know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bookgrove: A place where books empower children

Living in this computer-crazed era, the old-school strategy of learning has unfortunately been overlooked by most parents. The fast-paced way of living has somehow brought children to build their own definition of independence; for whether it brings them to such advantage, it also has its consequences.

Bookgrove relives that time and age when children sat down in their living rooms, picked up a book and fed their minds with endless information about people, history, values. That long-forgotten skill has died a natural death due to people believing that technology can take over the rest. To an extent, if looked closely, the capacity to learn is still limited.

The Center has dedicated its service to these kids. To bring back that love for reading is what is believed to be the most important in child development. To be able to excel in the real world, in the near future is what every parent wishes for their young one. And Bookgrove serves as a family extension to reach out to those kids in need. Every child has the innate ability to learn; it is just a matter of knowing how to trigger their interest. And once found, it is set for life.

Bookgrove can create specific programs for each child based on assessment. Reading specialists work with individuals to provide instruction, guidance, and support that resolve underlying issues that are hindering a child from learning effectively. And in the long run, make them perform their best in and out of school.

Different programs are offered to help a child flourish in his reading and comprehension. Starting from children aged 2 years old until their pre-professional years. A 10-month program, Beginning Reading, is an introductory program for kids getting ready for “the big school”.  Letters, motor skills, and speech are introduced for an enhanced and natural interest in basic reading.

Much shorter courses are also available such as the 30-hour program or Strategic Reading. The program is for primary to college level students designed to develop natural reading at its best. The skill of reading is taken care of through enabling students to visualize, verbalize, and understand different types of reading materials. In effect, the appreciation and comprehension of read books are reflected in their articulately written school essays, summaries, and reports.

Another 30-hour program would be Creative Writing, which orients the student on the proper approach to writing. Analysis of storybooks through scaffolding activities is also enhanced. As a result, making book reports, reaction papers, and term papers becomes a no-brainer to these children.

There is also a special program at the center that deals with much more complicated cases. Play Attention, the most recent and effective equipment in the US, is a computerized program that uses NASA-adapted technology to correct and prolong a person’s attention span. A case of ADD/ADHD found dominant in a child is assured to be corrected by a single 60-hour session.

Every child can excel. It just has to be found and enhanced. To give a child the power to bring knowledge onto themselves is an investment set for life.
For inquiries, visit Bookgrove Reading Clinic
106 FRDC Bldg., E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City
Call them at 994-0391