Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ascof's Natural Moms Lagundi Farm Tour

I had never been into a farm. And I practically had no idea of its lovely bucolic setting. Having lived in the city since birth, I said I would never trade living in the city for such provincial life. However, there’s that desire in me to see arresting and interesting places in the rural areas. But as much as I wanted to travel in nearby provinces in order to experience that, I couldn’t because of either financial constraints or lack of time. So you could just imagine the thrill I had when I was told about the trip to Ascof’s Lagundi farm in Nueva Ecija.
My daughter who’s also a freelance writer/online blogger would’ve wanted to go to this farm tour, but she had prior commitments and she couldn’t make it. So she had asked the organizers if I could come on her behalf.  Since I am also quite a blogger myself (it is my daughter who encouraged me to do so)—I couldn’t say no to the invite. Even my grandson Kyle assured me it’d be fun to visit and take a tour of the lagundi farm. 

The all-natural lagundi shrubs.
Relaxing nature at the farm.

Culinary Herbs and medicinal plants abound. 
 The trip wasn’t an easy one. It was quite long with several mommy bloggers sleeping throughout the duration of the trip. I had no idea how long we were on the road, but I knew it was a long ride. But upon getting there, I knew right away that the said trip was worth my time.
The Leonie Agri Corporation Farm in Nueva Ecija is a place of miracles, so they say. It used to be a barren piece of land that was even considered cursed by the locals. But now, it produces the primary ingredient of the leading cough remedy brand Ascof Lagundi syrup and tablets. At LAC, the farming process uses an organic cycle that makes use only of natural process, without artificial pesticides or fertilizers or other chemicals used. They even recycle the lagundi plant itself as compost to nourish new crops.

More plants and fruit bearing trees.

 Mommy bloggers enjoyed the relaxing view of the farm, with some animals like six huge potbelly pigs and birds living within the vicinity. The difference is that, unlike in usual farm setting, the pigs don’t smell bad. If you ask me, the entire farm actually smells like lagundi.
My family and I are really into herbal medicines—we believe more in what’s alternative or natural rather than what’s made by man through science. And yes, we use Ascof Lagundi because it’s always best to be safe than sorry. We did try a couple of chemical based medicines but were not happy with the results—my grandson in particular had suffered from nausea and drowsiness. Since then, we did not bother to try anything else anymore; we had fully trusted our family in using Pascual Laboratories’ Ascof Lagundi Syrup.

Peaceful ambiance in the midst of nature.

I am pleased I have joined this farm trip. I was able to learn more about medicinal herbal plants as well as Ascof Lagundi and how it’s been processed and made before making it available in the market. I realized that my family and I made the right choice—now I am proud to say I’m an Ascof Natural Mom!

Special thanks to Mr. Vincent Lantin for the invites. 

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  1. Do Lagundi attract or repels mosquitoes? and does it smell like mint or oregano or does it smell bad? Please Reply ASAP.