Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The author with her grandson Kyle after hurdling the 3K run.
I never tried joining in a Fun Run. It’s actually quite surprising that fun runs had become quite the trend nowadays. I’ve always thought fun runs were only for sports enthusiasts until that day my daughter asked me if I’d like to join Alaska Family Fun Run along with my grandson Kyle.
I remember being really excited for the said fun run because it’s going to be our first time to join such. As early as five in the morning, we were prepared and on our way to the event. I realized I couldn’t keep up with my grandson’s pace no matter what I do, probably because I’m not so young anymore. I had to ask Kyle to wait for me on each laps we had to take. And I was so happy being able to reached the finish line ahead of the others! True, we had not won any award or medal during that race, but finishing that race was enough of an achievement for me.

The event's poster says it all.

The grandma and grandson tandem standing in front of Alaska booth.

The author and her grandson Kyle at the Finish line wearing finishers shirts.
We both received finisher’s shirt each and loot bags from Alaska family.  After the race, we checked out on some booths where you can play games and win prizes too. There were also photo booths around the area as well as free food sampling of different products.
You’ll know you’re instantly hooked into running if  the mere mention of 3K, 16K, 21K and 42K no longer meant the gold karats of a jewelry, but the kilometers you had to go through in order to finish a run .
The rest they say is history. After running 3K for the Alaska Family Run which was held at the SM Mall of Asia, I had been into running. It feels good each time I run. I’m looking forward to running more in the future. And who knows? I might complete an actual 42K marathon in the future.

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