Friday, March 22, 2013


Kuse is the kind of place that everyone enjoys, be they executives having a meeting, balikbayans or a family enjoying a weekend out, or a couple on a casual date.  Big servings and a whole lot of comfort food. With a wide selection of just about anything your tummy can crave for, Kuse is a great hangout for everyone. Although harder to locate than most restaurants, the trip is definitely worth it. In fact, I'll go on a limb and say it'll be crazy for you not to try it.

Of the many Filipino cuisines I've tasted, Kuse is the only resto that has so far given me a truly rewarding gastronomic experience. One might find that the price is a bit, well, pricey but their astonishingly large servings more than make up for it. Being that and the consistency of quality is one of the resto's top priorities; you can be assured of the same grand experience everytime.

First-time diners should definitely try their Crispy Pata and Kare-kare. But if you're feeling adventurous, order their Adobong Kuhol sa gata--you won't regret it! Be sure not to miss out on their Creme Brulee Sapin-sapin as well.

Folks who like Crispy Pata are in for a savory-sweet sauce that's loaded with onions and chilis. The hard part about this dish is having to share it with other people and knowing when to stop or else your blood pressure will shoot up.

Adobong Kuhol sa Gata is rich, but not overpowering the taste of the snail still recognizable, with its brininess adding flavor to the coconut cream sauce.

The Bangus is a simple dish that never fails to win diners over. It's a grilled dish that showcases the freshness of its ingredients, highlighting how they all come together in layers of flavor.

The Garlic Dulong Rice is flavorful and is a viand in itself. Filling and belly-warming, its flavor punctuated by the succulent salty sweet of Crispy Pata perfectly balanced for a more neutral taste.

For a richer experience, Kare-kare is your best bet. The peanut sauce gives the dish a dense yet subtle flavor, which is accentuated by the other ingredients.

Clear your palate with this refreshing salad made of chopped tomatoes, minced white onions, white cheese, on a bed of fern leaves.

Kuse plays with flavors, taking the most unassuming ingredients and turning them into masterpieces. To discerning eaters, Kuse is a household name that is synonymous with home-cooked Filipino cuisine.

The author thanks Ms. Nana Nadal and Purple Plum Fairy

KUSE can be found on Venice Piazza in McKinley Hills, Eton Centris in Quezon City and Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila.  

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