Monday, October 28, 2013

Philip The Lifestyle Guy on TV5

Some people are born with talent and good luck. When one is loaded with a gift of gab, it is inevitable to find yourself hosting a show, right? Well, it hadn't always been the case with Philip Abadicio. A busy PR executive, businessman, producer, eventologist, lifestyle columnist, Philip had never imagined himself to be on television, much more host a show of his own. But his knack for the things that he does are totally unexpected but nevertheless came at the right place and time--or sort of presented itself and Philip just grabbed the opportunities. It doesn't really need a genius to see how Philip had been enjoying each and every hat he wears. So when an opportunity for him to host a TV show under his name, tackling lifestyle--Philip had just renewed his contract with TV5, there's certainly nothing that could stop him from doing what he wanted the most and where he's really good at--via his Philip The Lifestyle Guy show which will be aired on October 27, Sunday, from 11AM to 12 NN on TV5. 

"My show is anything and everything within the metro. It is pretty spontaneous, one minute I would be in a fine dining restaurant, then later on, I will be featuring a simple hole-in-the-wall carenderia. Who says ordinary people can't enjoy life as elite people does? My show helps people to appreciate the simple joys of life." 

Philip The Lifestyle Guy also gives the viewing public an opportunity to try what Philip and his guests had just tried on the show through his contest. To join, simply watch his show every Sunday on TV5, and follow him on Twitter @philiplifestyleguy and like his page on Facebook. 

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