Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alaska Merry Crema: Eastwood Mall Open Park Transformed Into Sweet City

Christmas festive sweet treats and an incredible varieties of chocolate, candies and patisseries in delectable and too-good-to-look-at cute creations filled the booths and food atelier at the Eastwood Mall Open Park during the Alaska Merry Crema Food Fair. Surrounded by so many chocolates and candy shops, It felt like I was one of those children who made field trips to the Willy Wonka chocolate factory in the children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

I really looked forward to eating my chocolate and almonds as well as pistachios. People who know me, knows I'm into dark cocoas. I may not be a fan of sweets but I love dark chocolate! Finding myself in Alaska Merry Crema Food Fair was indeed like paradise on earth. I was lucky to have gotten my fix of my fave treats. I was also surprised to find out we can use Alaska Crema in a lot of different ways. Showcased during the said event were recipes from Pumpkin Soup ( for a richer and creamier taste), rock salted cheese brownies to cheese and chocolate fondue--there's practically a lot to do with it. I used to think all-purpose creams were only for fruit salads or white sauced fettuccine pasta dish. Now, I know better--thanks to this Alaska Merry Crema Food Fair. I learned that Alaska Crema is very versatile when it comes to cooking or whipping up delightful dishes/recipes.

I truly enjoyed the afternoon by simply roaming around the booths at the Alaska Merry Crema Fair. The event was bursting with life, passion, an equilibrium of yummy good things in life that makes one to yearn to create and inspire. I've never seen such beautiful and decadent chocolates and cakes as well as specialty dishes all in one market-style place--and I've seen and experienced them all at the said food fair. 

I'm also happy to note that entrepreneurs now help promote our own Philippine-based products such as Davao's Malagos organic cocoa and buffalo cheese. It's nice to know that we're now promoting local flavors and in the process we are also helping Filipino communities. 

Aside from the food booths at the Alaska Merry Crema Food Fair, there have been some stage programs hosted by dynamic radio FM DJs Chico and Delamar where there were games and prizes with a special number from rock pop princess Yeng Constantino.

It was indeed a memorable day for all the guests and attendees as the event was open to the public for free. Everyone happily went home with loot bags filled with Alaska products. 

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