Friday, August 22, 2014

Ways To Fight and Survive Depression: The Scoop On Suicide

Life is full of ironies. In the recent news, comedian Robin Williams hanged himself to end his suffering from drug addiction and chronic depression.  It was but a tragic way to bid his life goodbye. Despite of the glamour and glitz of Hollywood, Williams, who had rose to fame by making people laugh on his films chose to end his life by putting off his "jolly" mask and showing everyone his true emotions. This reminds me of Britney Spears' song entitled "Lucky". The said song rings true to Williams' life, it clearly states that despite the Hollywood fame, there's something missing in his life. Once the spotlights went off, he'd find himself alone and lonely. When he's all by himself, that's when depression creeps into him. 

There will really be times when we'd feel that the world will crumble before us. Personally speaking, I've had the worst time this year after having an accident sometime in April where I had my hip fractured and later had required me to have partial hip prosthesis. And since breaking my hip, hearing the words "You have osteoporosis" is even more startling. So it's understandably so that for quite sometime, I really went through depression because at the time I really thought I could no longer walk normally and I became anxious about my health. But clinging on to God's promises, I know all these things shall pass. If it's not okay today, it's not yet the end. Four months had passed since we met an accident, I thank God for giving me the strength to carry on and I thank all my friends, my daughter's friends, fellow bloggers for all the help and inspiration. I can now walk again (although with a cane). It's true that I can no longer do some things I used to do (like participate in fun runs) but still I am blessed to have been alive and enjoy the company of my loved ones

Of course, I'd miss running and participating in Zumba class as well as the other things I used to enjoy but can no longer do now. However, I'd rather focus on the things which I CAN still do than those I can no longer do. I believe thinking about the positive ones can make me feel better. I don't want to succumb to depression. There's more to life than just sulk in a corner and cry, it's important to cry once in a while, to release your emotions. But after that, you must learn to wipe those tears away and move on. I know you could say, "it's easier said than done." Well, I'd say it really is difficult yet when you surround yourself with people who truly cares for you, who REALLY HAS CONCERN, things would be a lot easier, believe me. You might even be surprised how you've survived all those stuff. 

I have here five steps which I've learned from attending The Scoop On Suicide conference recently which might help you to deal and eventually overcome depression: 

1. Bond with your family and friends. My daughter used to bottle up all her emotions to herself. You've got to learn how to open up and bare your soul. It not only feels good, but it'll also be good for your heart. Share whatever sentiments, grievances or problems you may have. Unload them to a friend who will be willing to listen and be a shoulder to cry on. 

2. Write all your problems, jot them down and once you're done, throw them away or burn them. By doing this, it's like crumpling off and throwing your problems along with the paper. 

3. Learn to Count Your Blessings. Think positive. There are a lot of reasons to be happy about and be thankful for. Stop comparing yourself with others. Nobody is perfect in this world. But with a positive mind, you will be able to carry on whatever problem that will come your way. 

4. Keep the Faith. No matter what the others say, prayers work wonders. Based on experience, it is Him who can really help us when we are at our lowest point in life. It is through praying that we connect with Him, listen to what He has about to say. 

5. Music is a good therapy. Music can heal the wounds of our hearts. When you listen to a fast and upbeat song, you can't help but feel its energy. Life is one big roller coaster, there will be times when you're down and times when you're up there. It's a matter of perspective. We can all beat and fight depression. 

If all else fails, seek the help of a friend, a relative, confidante, or call In Touch Community Services for FREE counseling. They will be there ready to listen to you 24/7. Call 893-7603 or on their mobile numbers: GLOBE 0917-8001123/ 0917-5067314
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  1. Good to know that you're doing OK and have sought help. I learned that that is one step to recovery. Wish you all the best! :)