Friday, November 18, 2016

Banana Peel introduces new colors and sandals collections

Banana Peel offers a wide range of styles, colors and even patterns. I have long heard about the brand since my daughter uses them. They’re very affordable yet stylish. The soles are firm enough to give support, but the rubber was soft to touch and so are the straps, no weird resistance and hard pieces to irritate my skin. Trying them on, I am very pleased with its look and feel. I no longer wonder why my daughter would buy and purchase them. I was lucky to join my daughter when she attended one of Banana Peel’s events where they had introduced their latest collections and new colors to some of their sandals line. 

  “When we started with Banana Peel, our intention is to take flip flops from being a footwear worn at home, to a footwear that can be worn anywhere, anytime while still being stylish and comfortable. We live in a tropical country; it is mostly sunny and humid which is why being in comfortable casual wear is common,” said Nikki Ng, Marketing and Creative Director of Banana Peel.

“Our collections come in funky, fun and vibrant colors and prints. They were designed by young Filipino talents and that makes Banana Peel 100% Pinoy,” added Ng.
The wide range of Banana Peel collections make it a stylish footwear for any ensemble and OOTDs. It works well with casual wear for dress down days. Its affordability allows you to own more than one pair giving you the chance to mix and match with your outfit.

Banana Peel has 26 branches and 3 franchise stores. It is also available in all major department stores nationwide. For more information about Banana Peel and its products, visit their website:

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