Monday, November 26, 2012


I’ve been drinking coffee ever since and my only brand is NESCAFE. I’m glad that they were able to come up with different flavors because it suits up each taste buds accordingly. No surprise actually that NESCAFE Philippines was able to have more than two million likes and fans on their Facebook fan page in such a short period of time, thereby making them as the top company on Facebook to garnered more than two million fans! In return, NESCAFE would want to give back to their loyal patrons and consumers some sort of “Thank You” for patronizing their coffee all these years.

Nescafe's Mr. Christophe Stern.

NESTLE'S Mr. John Miller
NESCAFE’S FANS DAY: 2 Million Likes, 2 Million Moments was held at the SM Mall of Asia was a fun-filled day of games and prizes for loyal customers of NESCAFE. There have been photo booths, free sampling of Nescafe and programs with some leading rock bands like Callalily, 6 CYCLEMIND and Urbandub. The even were graced by no less than Nestle Philippines’ CEO and President, Mr. John Miller and Mr. Christophe Stern, Brand manager of Nescafe Philippines.
LIKE NESCAFE ON Facebook.  And be one of the two million likers of the page and counting.

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