Monday, February 4, 2013


Movies, novels, poems, and songs—they all say the same thing: Being in love is a wonderful thing. You get that over-the-top feeling of elation from loving someone and being loved back. You have someone to cuddle with on cold nights, someone to laugh with, hold hands, and share the highs and lows of life with. And that’s just a few of the many perks of being in a relationship. 

Gastronomy is and always has been connected with its sister, art of love. In this age of Instagraming our food and tweeting what you eat, social media will undoubtedly be flooded on Valentine’s Day with subtle boasts of where lovers are dining or what they are cooking or whatever special gift or present they may have gotten from their loved ones.  But we can also express our love for someone else without the hassle of spending much yet still make it extra special.

 If you are whipping up your own V-day date, fret not. You can still create that memorable Valentine day in no time—all you need is a little creativity with a whole lot of heart. Sometimes we need to go back to basics. After all, it is in the simplest of things that we find love.

The perfect Valentine Gift, only for P165!

Why don’t you let your significant other experience Manila bay’s famous sunset? The explosion of red and orange shades contained by the meeting of the sky and the sea is a picture begging to be taken. It really is stunning. Not just figuratively but also in literal sense. For a few minutes, you’ll find yourselves staring at the horizon catching every minute of this poetic transition from day to night. He or she will surely appreciate it. 

Speaking of something poetic, if you have the talent, why not compose him or her a song, or perhaps write a love letter? It may no longer be the trend nowadays but a tangible letter is still what most women want. If you aren’t into writing, a sweet short note will certainly do the trick. Express how much you love him or her. It does not need to be anything grand, as long as it comes straight from the heart and is well meant.

The colorful wall decor from Mister Donut makes the place more inviting.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to bring a delightful snack that he or she will definitely love. Give him or her chocolates. The belief that chocolates are an aphrodisiac may be based on more psychological than chemical reasons. Truth to be told, scientists do recognize two substances that may be encouraging in chocolates: trytophan, a building block of serotonin and a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal, and phenyl ethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, which is released in the brain when people fall in love.  And with chocolates, I do not mean any ordinary chocolate bars; give him or her a heart-shaped tin can of Mister Donuts’ Belgian Bites. With six pieces of delicious Belgian Bites for only P120—it’ll be enough to satisfy his or her sweet tooth. And to make it more special, purchase the Mister Donuts’ complete Valentine gift set for a very affordable price of P165, which includes the heart-shaped tin can of Belgian Bites with an adorable stuffed bear, and heart shaped balloon to go with it!

Ms. Tina Papera of Mister Donut with loads of hearts for everyone.
The author spending quality time with her grandson enjoys Mister Donut.

Don’t forget to bring in a box of Mister Donuts’ Bavarian Doubles, (it only costs P130 for ten pieces, not bad at P13 a piece!)with three delightful yummy flavor combinations of CLASSIC BAVARIAN and CHOCO FUDGE, COFFEE and CARAMEL, CHOCO and CARAMEL. You’ve probably seen Mister Donuts’ latest TV commercial featuring Michael V (Bitoy) and Little Miss Philippines 2012 Ryzza Mae Dizon. Relish the first time the two of you met as you eat these delectable donuts.
The author in red with blogger Mich Colladilla.

The author with other bloggers during the Mister Donuts Bloggers Night

A whole box of ten Bavarian Doubles is enough to make a girl happy. Romance is served on a box!

I had tasted it myself and I would have to say it is very creative—imagine enjoying both flavors in one donut? I could see creative ways to eat such donuts as lovers. Too bad, I no longer have a husband to share it with. But nevertheless, I could share Mister Donuts Bavarian Doubles and Valentine Belgian Bites gift set with my beloved grandson, Kyle. We both enjoy Mister Donuts, We love eating at Mister Donuts’ stores too because they always seem to have a cheerful atmosphere conducive to family bonding.
Mister Donuts' Belgian Bites, Bavarian Doubles and DoChi on a plate.

And as we all bid goodbye to the dragon and welcome the year of the water snake, in celebration of the Chinese New year, the DoChi makes a comeback to Mister Donuts’ stores. The unusual mini donut, crème-filling, and toasted sesame see combo is sure to make you ask for more. Only P8 per piece, it will bring good luck to everyone who receives and buys them. 

Aaah, such irresistible treats! Feel free to utilize the above mentioned foods and suggestions. Whether as a gourmand or gourmet, a couple or single, remember that romance is served with creativity + a box of Mister Donuts’ Bavarian Doubles or Belgian Bites. To me, as long as you’ve loved another with all your heart and soul, that’s always been enough

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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