Saturday, June 18, 2016

Live Life Vegan Restaurant: Home to old time favourite dishes with a vegan twist

Veggie Paella

Like an oasis quietly tucked away in the middle of Chino Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo Road) in Makati, Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant is a source of reprieve for motorists and passengers alike.  It provides healthy and alternative vegan foods, freshly produced drinks, juices and shakes to the poor souls that needed detox. It’s really just a small resto, but the kind that will make you feel good about yourself sans the guilt of pigging out. 

Veggie Curry
 Here at Live Life, customers are treated to a wide array of food produce and even a stash of quinoa or brown rice. This neighbourhood small vegan resto definitely does its job in bringing healthier foods back closer to home. With a classy yet minimalist ambiance, the simplest of services are delivered in the best of ways. You’d be surprised with how owner Ms. Sylvia Cancio offers special healthy buffet for lunch and dinner every Saturday for only Php295.00 per person. She has proven that healthy meals need not be bland because her vegan restaurant offers a variety of well loved dishes and they really tastes just as good as their meat counterparts.

Chili Con Tofu
 Regular menu includes veggie curry (with Shiitake mushrooms as meat alternative), chilli con tofu, Japanese eggplant (that tastes like teriyaki), fresh lumpia (we all loved her fresh lumpia. It is even better than Goldilocks, I swear!) and turon with langka.

Even if you’re not a vegan, it will convince you to try to be one even just for a day. That’s how deliciously good Cancio’s dishes are at Live Life Vegan Restaurant. Don’t forget to try their Halo-halo because it has superfoods like chia seeds and cashew milk on top of the regular ingredients, as well as other a la carte recipes such as quinoa with mushroom or pineapple, and another specialty, their vegetable paella. 
Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro
The best thing about Cancio’s Live Life Vegan resto, she made sure that everything she offers are very affordable and yummy so you’ll end up wanting more and coming back again and again. I won’t be surprised to find myself back to her resto in the near future should I find myself in that Makati area again.

Live Life is located at Cancio Building, 2240 Chino Roces Avenue (in front of La Fuerza Plaza), Makati City. Call them at (02) 478 6310 / 0917 811 7435.

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