Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lucida DS Glutathione Oral Capsules and Glutathione Bar Soap: The Secret against skin aging + achieving fair skin

Look around the shelves of the beauty sections in department stores, chances are, everywhere you look, you’ll see rows of products meant for skin whitening. In this country where morena (deep brown) skin are abound, you can ask any typical Filipina and given the chance, she’d want to have fair skin. Judging by the numerous products and the existence of kojic soap and gluatathione, acquiring that dream to get whiter skin is no longer as far-fetched as it used to be.

At my age, I have long accepted the fact that I will never become mestiza. I am more concerned with my immune response system, prevention of aging, as well as my skin’s fight against free radicals. It is only recently that I have understood what exactly does glutathione does for our overall health. Glutathione became a household word in the Philippines mainly because of its whitening side effects. But did you also know that glutathione also plays an important role to the function and multiplication of disease-fighting cells? It’s been said that glutathione is naturally produced by our body. But as we age, its level also decreases. Hence, we become more prone to sickness and diseases.

One glutathione that’s being sold in the market is Lucida DS. It’s different from the other brands because it has Rosehips too. Rosehips relieves the symptoms of kidney disorder and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It also helps reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases while keeping our skin healthy and supple, thus it somehow prevents aging. 

Lucida DS Glutathione Soap

Most of us tend to abuse our bodies as we work hard to make ends meet. With staying up late, stress-eating, pressure from work, and all the other negative stuff we have to face each and every single day, we’re all prone t get sick and look older than our real age. With the help of Lucida DS, we can restore our health back and prevent illnesses with the increased level of glutathione in our body.

Lucida’s normal dose is 800 milligrams a capsule, 500 milligrams is solid glutathione while the rest is composed of Vitamin C (100mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mg), and Rose Seeds (100mg).  It passes the strict Food and Drug Administration regulated standards so you can be assured it is safe to take as a food supplement.

With the correct milligram strength of reduced glutathione combined with Vitamin C, rosehips and alpha lipoic acid, you’re guaranteed not only to get those fair skin you’ve been wanting to achieve but also get healthier inside and out.

Lucida DS Glutathione oral capsules as well as its Lucida DS Glutathione Soap are available at all leading drugstores nationwide. 

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