Thursday, October 6, 2016

EntrepTV: A must-see show for aspiring entrepreneurs

It’s pretty amazing when you see youngsters getting into business early on while at the peak of their youth. While most their age would probably indulge into gimmicks, business-minded  friends Jeddina “Jade” Bigay and Zyrus Ramos took a path less travelled—both ventured into media production via Lara at Juan (Larawan) Media Productions which also produced EntrepTV, a television show being aired every Saturday at PTV 4 which focuses on using one’s passion and turning it into a profitable endeavour. They feature random stories from small to large scale type of businesses that aims to inspire everyone to become business oriented and to start their own business.

EntrepTv host and executive producer Jeddina "Jade" Bigay

 In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to invest money into a new business venture and turn them into highly profitable entities in returns for a percentage of both business and profit. What they feature on EntrepTV are great in-depth lessons for all aspiring entrepreneurs. The said show puts an emphasis on the three P’s of business—Passion, Process and Product—the triangular mantra for any startup business.

I was fortunate enough to have met Jade and Zyrus on the occasion of the blessing of Lara at Juan Productions House blessing recently. And I’d have to say that the future looks bright for these two talented personalities. I was able to see them turn their passion into a profitable profession where both enjoy doing every single thing they work for. The best part of their job is being able to inspire a lot of people who would like to get into business thru their produced television show with an original concept. Many good business ideas fail as businesses because aspiring entrepreneurs overlook the nitty-gritty of starting a business. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have to create a business plan before you jump into any business opportunity. You must be able to clearly identify your target market, product differentiation, product positioning (or unique selling preposition) why the market should buy your product, your projected sales volume and revenues, your distribution channels, your costings, sources of materials, labor, capital and your expected profits. All these and many more are just some of the things they tackle on Entrep TV.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, EntrepTV is a 30-minute tele-magazine documentary program aired every Saturdays from 4:40PM-5:00PM. It highlights Filipino businessmen’s success stories by executing a story line in a most innovative and effective way by integrating High definition quality videos and up-to-date equipment and resources. 

So if you’re convinced that youd like to venture into business, then go ahead and learn the tricks of the trade through this highly entertaining and even educational show. Go and binge watch now, and let us know what you think of them. #ProudtobeEntrePinoy!

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