Friday, September 9, 2016

LBC cleans name against online attacks by complaining netizen

Social media attacks on the courier and logistics company LBC have gone viral, mostly in OFW Facebook pages. OFWs and their families are some of the most frequent users of courier and door-to-door delivery services in the Philippines. One of such posts came from the account of a certain Ramon Tumpap, an OFW working in a restaurant in Spain. Concerned netizens have come forth with information regarding the true identity of Tumpap. However the motive of his post has been unclear. Tumpap aka Ramon Lobo, used his personal Facebook account to post pictures of volunteer workers sorting through relief boxes in a Taiwan warehouse. An official inquiry was made and it turned out that the photos posted where that of a Taiwanese warehouse, and not LBC's warehouse as alleged by Lobo/Tumpap.

Many netizens were angered and just ended up sharing and resharing Tumpap's post without even vetting the veracity of his claims resulting in the false claim going viral. Of course the photo was not taken from the warehouse of LBC but because pasalubong is an integral part of the Filipino family's love language, may OFWs were incensed despite other OFWs who actually use LBC's services and swear by their good and prompt service. 

As of this writing, Tumpap has since deactivated his Facebook account on the pretense that he is ill and cannot be disturbed, thinking that evading investigators will make it all go away. There is no news or lead as to who may have hired Tumpap to post such online vitriol. 

LBC is the courier of choice of many companies and OFWs families mostly because of LBC's reliable service and brand loyalty resulting from decades of operation in both domestic and international markets. LBC is a Filipino company. 

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