Thursday, September 22, 2016

Natural and Integrative Wellness Solutions as Prevention and Cure for Certain Health Conditions

As a parenting and health advocate, I was lucky to be invited at the recent Natural and Integrative Medicine Conference held at the posh Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City. The conference was organized by Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park, founder of Antonia Health Solution.  It is well-attended by doctors, scientist, academicians, technologist, parenting advocates and those working in the field of natural and integrative wellness.

 Antonia Integrated and Functional Wellness Inc. together with  partners Zazen Health Solutions, StemErgy Wellbeing LTD. recently brought together world renowned experts and leaders in their respective fields for a comprehensive overview of the latest innovation in research and development. The Natural and Integrative Medicine Conference aims to aid patients towards achieving optimum health as an alternative to the traditional medicines. 
Dr. Sashi of Zazen Health Solutions
 There are advances as well as innovations made in research for bringing natural and integrative medicine closer to the public via their practical application. One of which is Zazen Health Solutions' Scalar Machine. They have infrared sauna and the scalar waves. The infrared sauna has been proven effective in curing a host of ailments such as an improved condition in ADHD and autism patients. It also claims to help a drug addict to detoxify.

Zazen Scalar Machine

During the said conference, it was discussed that based on a recent research, there are already about 1 million Filipinos diagnosed with autism. It is an alarming number as it continues to increase in the next few years. Researchers have discovered that autism is not only acquired genetically but also because of certain environmental hazards that the mother is exposed to during her pregnancy. Among those mentioned are radiation from continues use of wireless technology such as cellular phones which is prevalent in this day and age. 
Jerryson Abraham Doss, Viva Starfish and Management Specialist
 The far infrared sauna can fit 3-4 people so a group of friends can hang-out here while having a little chitchat.  Scalar energy is non-linear energy, otherwise known as radiant energy; it is that energy that the body makes when it is in perfect balance.  It is sometimes known as chi or the prana.

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, Executive Director Regenstem; Founder of Stem Cell Insight
Meanwhile, Dr. Mark Dargan Smith said there are ways where we can actually use our own stem cells to cure our illness. Our own bodies are rich in these cells, not just our blood, placentas from newborn babies but also from our own teeth! Cell regenerates but we have to feed it and keep it healthy.

Dr. Randy Hunly, Director of Medicine and Age Management at NUmed Vietnam

Dr. Skip Pizzaro, Chiropractor
Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park Founder of Antonia Health Solution, Skin Science Researcher
Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park with blogger  Purple Plum Fairy
“Alternative natural and integrative wellness can effectively cure a host of ailments, including those with metabolic and autism problems. We are offering these alternative treatments in the hope that it would help Filipinos find alternative medical treatment that works,” said Dr. Antonia Park during the said conference. 

If you're interested to try natural and integrative medicine and wellness soltuions or is curious about the scalar waves and FR sauna offered in the country today, you may get in touch with Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park at these numbers: 0917-321-6830 / 09998-207-4536. 

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