Monday, April 25, 2016

Future Proof of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo's Projects

So what exactly does the tandem of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo the best choice? Mar-Leni’s combination comes out smelling good. Mar has shown that he is competent, and incorruptible. Leni has shown that she is not driven by selfish ambition (which causes shifting allegiance, and back-stabbing, and disregard for the country’s needs) but by a humble desire to serve the people. Competence and integrity are also her watchwords.  Both have proven track record of excellent public service. 

Roxas has humanitarian heart, he’s an honorable man, and he’s someone we could all depend on. The following projects are some of the fruits of honest and efficient service of Roxas:

1.04 million jobs equal to 18 billion contribution to the BPO industry in the Philippines economy according to the latest data of 2014 .

Several years back, according to Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) said, “It is a sad fact of life that medicines in the Philippines are several times more expensive than in most countries. The Philippines is in fact second to Japan in having the highest medicine prices in Asia.” This is no longer true today. As a Senator, Roxas recognized the issue of costly medicines and fought the big pharmaceutical lobby by proposing amendments to the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. 

Mar Roxas fought for lower-cost drugs to reduce the burden of our countrymen sick and Senior Citizens .

In 2008, Roxas also fought for the O% income tax in minimum wage as the main author of the Republic Act No.9504.

Roxas also had projects that had given families the chance to start a new life via his ‘pabahay system.’ He evacuated them from the danger of their homes and gave them a better place to live in. He was able to help out 18,141 informal settlers throughout the country.

Roxas was also instrumental in giving 140,000 residents the opportunity to access clean and potable water. 

He also had 4,933 projects in selected areas under the bottom-up budgeting program. In bringing BuB down to the grassroots level, it ensures that the need for services and facilities of barangays are met. It enables barangays to implement projects which they have identified and prioritized through a process of citizen participation in planning and budgeting. The Barangay Bottom-Up Budgeting effectively provides life and meaning to the recognition of barangays as frontliners in governance.

With regards to reconstruction and infrastructure, Roxas was able to help 349 local government units after the earthquake that brought destruction to Bohol and the typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan).

Mar Roxas also laid down the plans and process in preparation and immediate response during disasters via his Oplan Listo program in order to assure the safety of every Filipino. 

He also paved the way for the 60 percent that lowered the criminal rate in our country via his Oplan Lambat Sibat. Oplan Lambat Sibat is a reinvigorated crime prevention effort using "deliberate programmatic and sustained"police operations such as Checkpoint, Oplan Bakal-Sita, Mobile Patrol, Beat Patrol and Oplan Bulabog supported by scientific crime reporting from the Police Community Precincts (PCPs), to the stations, to the districts up to the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and solving them based on statistics. Because of the system's dramatic reduction of crime in NCR, it is now being cascaded to Regions 3 and 4-A.

The country's most wanted and high profile criminals were finally put to jail. There have been 919 average number of crimes recorded before the operation Lambat Sibat came to exist. There were 350 average number of crimes recorded per week in 2015. Through the initiative of Mar Roxas, all of the numbers went down.

These were just some of what makes Mar Roxas' past projects which are proofs of what he's capable of doing if and when he gets lucky to win this coming May 9 Elections. So, what about his runningmate Leni Robredo?

Rep. Leni Robredo

Maria Leonor "Leni"Robredo rose to national spotlight when her husband, the late Jesse Robredo figured in a tragic plane crash that took away the life of the hardworking former Interior and Local Government secretary and Naga City mayor. Robredo won in a landslide victory when she ran in May 2013 as Congresswoman of the 3rd District of Camarines Sur. 

As part of the Congress, Leni says it’s a privilege to serve the people. She knows that she has to go to her constituents every week because it’s part of her responsibility and that her presence is important for her kababayan.

For her first ever bill, Robredo filed for the Full Disclosure Bill which will require all elected officials and government agencies to fully disclose any transactions, documents, and budgets of public interest. It continues her husband's legacy of promoting transparency and accountability. Robredo also pursued the Food Security Bill which aims to prevent hunger and poverty in rural and provincial areas.

This is a little trivia on Rep. Robredo, but while other congressmen would take luxury cars, Leni takes the public bus during her trips back and forth from Naga City to Manila. This is one of the things the Robredos are remembered for. In an interview, Leni Robredo shared that it’s a commitment for them so they will remain rooted and avoid getting tempted and becoming used to the perks and privileges that comes with the job. She says that she likes to commute in local transport system to further listen and see for herself the needs of her constituents

Before becoming a congresswoman, Robredo was always a frontrunner in helping our unfortunate brothers and sisters. She was a Public Attorney's office and she's a member of an NGO (non-governmental organization) who fights for the rights of farmers, fishermen, women among many others. 

In partnership with running mate, Liberal party standard-bearer Mar Roxas, both Leni and mar could lead the country towards development since one is macroeconomist while the other one is microeconomist. With them at the helm, there's no other way this country will go to but up. 

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